Game of Love – Otome game is an interactive dating sim (visual novel) created by two passionate otome fans. Make your own choices and try to master the game of love!

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πŸ’› A bittersweet and edgy high school romance πŸ’›

You are Alice, a sophomore high school student who is also member of the school’s volleyball team. You have a special bond with Mark, your childhood friend, that might blossom into love.
But when Raphael, the school idol, officially sets his eyes on you, everything becomes so complicated as you become the target of mysterious threats…
What lies behind Raphael’s sudden interest? Is Mark really the reliable guy you thought he was? When friends become foes and your world starts to crumble, who should you trust?

An exciting love triangle full of cunning suspense, passionate romance and strong personalities – will love be enough for you to triumph?

πŸ’› Created by otome fans for otome fans! πŸ’›

β™  Tired of reading cheesy romantic stories with obvious plot twists? So are we!
A romance game where characters actually think before they act! No lazy writing relying on tasteless clichΓ©s – discover a fast-paced and intense story with edge.

β™  The Main Character is not an empty shell!
The Main Character (MC) is not a powerless girl who cannot say “no” to anyone, because we believe you deserve so much more! The MC’s personality is based on your choices – do you want her to be confident? Shy? Assertive? You decide!

β™  No overwordy story dragging on forever!
We love otome games that focus on action, not on artificial dialogues created to keep you on the hook! Game of Love is based on a fast-paced and intense story to ensure the best reading experience.
The story is complete – you will not have to wait for months and read endless fillers to know the ending!

β™  No paywall locking the interesting routes
We take pride in ensuring that you can always enjoy 100% of the content without needing to pay a cent. You can always pick the choice you actually want to make!

πŸ’› Key features πŸ’›

βœ“ Make your own choices!
βœ“ Beautiful illustrations to unlock through your story
βœ“ A moving and edgy story involving true high school traumas
βœ“ 100% English story
βœ“ An otome game made with πŸ’› by two childhood friends